Company history


 Egypt Gold started its operation in 1935 from the old historic area of Al Hussein (Al Sagha) which is the house of gold and silver industry in Cairo.

Egypt Gold (EG) has been owned by the NASSAR family, which expanded to serve different markets globally ( Hong Kong, UAE, India, Belgium ).

The factory designs and manufactures gold and diamonds jewelry that is one of a kind. Ensuring high quality and diversity of our products 60% of the company’s employees are of different nationalities. All our designers are HRD, GIA and IGI certified from Belgium. The factory has both wholesale selling and retail through IRAM Jewelry.

 As a market-driven company, Egypt Gold spotted the market need for modernity, quality & uniqueness and provided the market with products which are both original and trendy.


Egypt Gold has a huge industrial complex over an area of 20,000 sqm and a w Egypt, with 4 main stores across Egypt : Korba Palace (Heliopolis) ,  Delta Center Mansoura and Alexandria workforce of 1500+ employees including highly qualified craftsmen.

And with choosing these branches locations Egypt gold was succeed to covered all areas of Upper Egypt, Maritime & Delta

The company also has a good presence in external markets with extended business in North Africa, UAE and Europe.

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